About Us

Champion's Laurel

Who we are

Laurel is a leading full service consulting company with proven track record on:

  • Strategic Planning of Communications
  • Public Relations
  • Crisis and Issues Management
  • Media Relations
  • Editorial Services
  • Media Services
  • Publications and Websites Management
  • Image and Photo Services
  • Broadcast and Media Operations
  • Media Training
  • TV & Media Advertising

Our Mission

We are cooperating with Organisations (profit and non-profit), Federations and Committees, Public Institutions, Governing Bodies, and Private Companies, who wish to ensure innovative and effective strategies, creative approaches, precise planning, efficient development, successful implementation and high standard of services on the fields of our specialisation.

Laurel has unique expertise to create and provide full scope solution and custom-made strategic planning. We guarantee the success in any kind and any scale of event or project that has been appointed to us. Our core team is consisted from the most reputed and recognised experts and specialists in the world who are committed to utilise strategies and operational plans bringing added value to major global events and the best possible return to our clients.

The Legend of Laurel

The love for glorious victories and winning efforts that are crowned with wreaths of laurel began from a love from the Greek ancient mythology...

Apollo the god who personified the sun and was the protector of arts, music and poetry fell madly in love with Laurel, a nymph of forests and springs, a spirit of vegetation and of the orgasmic power of nature. Laurel's father was the river Peneus and her mother was Earth.

Laurel who was exhausted by Apollo's constant chase asked from her mother Earth to help her stay devoted to the goddess Artemis who was the goddess of hunting. Earth transformed Laurel into to a tree that grew down roots at the banks of Peneus River. The inconsolable Apollo cut the leaves from the branches and crowned his head with them. Since then in honor of love, heroes and winners wear a laurel wreath.