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Despina Silacha

Despina Silacha

Despina Silacha is an accomplished executive who currently serves as the Deputy Chairman of Laurel Int’l Management. With her strong leadership skills, she excels at forging crucial alliances and establishing fruitful partnerships. Despina is a hands-on professional who consistently delivers impressive results, particularly when it comes to managing large initiatives within tight deadlines.

Despina's career began in the sports event industry, where she initially worked as the manager of hospitality services for several major sporting events in her home country. Her fluent command of both English and French allows her to effectively communicate and cater to diverse international audiences. Building upon her success in the sports event market, Despina joined Laurel Int’l Management, where she collaborated with the rest of the team on various high-profile global sporting events.

In her role as Deputy Chairman, Despina continues to bring her expertise and leadership skills to drive Laurel's success. She demonstrates a proactive approach to problem-solving and consistently delivers results. With her dynamic and action-oriented mindset, Despina is an invaluable asset to the company, contributing to the development of essential alliances and ensuring the seamless execution of initiatives within strict timelines.

Overall, Despina Silacha is a highly effective executive known for her exceptional leadership abilities, hands-on approach, and track record of successful management of large-scale projects. Her fluency in multiple languages and extensive experience in the sports event industry make her a valuable asset to Laurel Int’l Management and the global events landscape.

  • ANOC World Beach Games Qatar 2019
  • 5th Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games, Ashgabat 2017
  • UCI Road World Championships, Doha 2016
  • 7th Asian Indoor Championships, Doha 2016
  • Asian Football Cup Under 23, Doha 2016
  • CHI AL SHAQAB, Doha 2015