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Stella boasts an impressive career spanning two decades, characterized by her expertise in event planning, public relations, marketing, communication services, and project management.

With a solid educational foundation including a BSc in International Economics & Finance and an MA in Export Marketing Management, Stella's journey into the world of high-profile events began notably during the 2002 Salt Lake Winter Olympic Games. There, she excelled as an Olympic Program Manager, spearheading the implementation of the Games Hospitality Guest Programs on behalf of the official hospitality sponsor. Her role was pivotal, overseeing the seamless execution of client hospitality programs, managing dedicated on-site teams, coordinating with operational departments, and resolving any challenges that arose with finesse.

Her contributions continued in the Athens 2004 Summer Olympic Games, where she served as an Olympic Operations Manager. Here, Stella showcased her strategic prowess by developing comprehensive operational plans, timelines, and budgets for multiple departments, ensuring the successful hosting of over 5,000 Olympic VIP guests. Her responsibilities extended to recruitment, training, and management of a vast workforce, orchestrating pre-Games and Games-time hospitality operations (hotels, cruise ships, vehicles) with meticulous attention to detail.

Following her remarkable contributions to the Olympic Games, Stella gracefully transitioned into the PR/Communications/Event Management industry. Serving as an Account Manager for a diverse clientele, both local and international, she expertly handled various corporate accounts, delivering top-notch Marketing/PR/Communications services and seamlessly organizing ad hoc events. Stella's professional reach extended to collaborating with foreign governments and esteemed bodies worldwide, including the White House. In this capacity, she served as a pivotal liaison, facilitating the organization and execution of a myriad of prestigious events such as official visits, dinners, bilateral meetings, ambassadorial ceremonies, private visits, conferences, and exhibitions with grace and finesse.

For the past decade, Stella has been an invaluable asset to Laurel as Head of Project Management. In this role, she has been instrumental in supporting strategic goals and ensuring the successful execution of projects within agreed timeframes, budgets, and quality standards. Her leadership and dedication continue to drive excellence across all endeavors